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Advanced orthodontic treatment for strengthening teeth

Many people are aware of orthodontic treatment, which involves correction of the position of the tooth-like straightening of the tooth, etc. For this treatment, they keep braces on the tooth and a stainless steel wire is run overall along with teeth and where these braves interlock the stainless wire. But now no need to keep those braces for orthodontic treatment which are not aesthetic, new invisalign clinic singapore has come into the market, so one can get these for orthodontic treatment which is highly esthetic.

Treatment plan

First, after diagnosis, treatment is started and firstly the patients face photographs are take at different angles and intraoral photographs are also taken. These photographs are taken as a reference to know how to treat the patient, calculate and check whether the desired result can be obtained or not.

Even an x-ray is taken for the patient along with photographs to know in details about the face and its structures.

Now the recorded details are studied and trail clear aligners are made and checked with the patient so as know the details if any correction required. These aligners should set into the teeth just like in the shape of teeth, there should be any minute changes or else aligners don’t fit properly.

These aligners should be worn for at least 15 days, which when worn continuously it results in some changes again aligners are made newly or some changes are done in the existing aligners. These give a very small amount of force to change the position of to teeth. So it is required to wear the aligners continuously throughout the treatment for a beat and desired results.

While having food there is to need to keep aligners, so restrictions are not there, one can eat anything. Aligners should be worn and changed till the desired results are obtained sometimes nearly 25 aligners can also ne changed while treating