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Make Your Products and Listings Top the Charts on eBay Search

One of the world’s biggest online e-commerce corporations – eBay – has been the source of living for thousands of people who buy and sell on the website. Considered to be one the biggest website in terms of traffic generated, eBay has been growing and has shown no signs of slowing down. It has given businesses a platform to sell their products online starting from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Thousands of new products are added on eBay every day, and getting their product to the top of the search is every eBay seller’s objective. Sellers try to leverage eBay’s search engine Cassini by using different techniques, like finding keywords that gain the highest traffic and others. There are various tools available, like ebay keyword research tools, which give the sellers an idea about the searches.

Make Your Products and Listings Top the Charts on eBay Search

However, the search engine Cassini is very complex and its attributes can be quite different from the other search engines. Certain behaviors that sits right with other search engines can be penalized by Cassini. If you’re an eBay seller wanting to have your product placed higher in the eBay search too, be cautious. Make sure that you aren’t pushed to the bottom.

Here are a few tips and hacks to point you in the right direction:

Use keywords in titles and make them customer-centric

Using proper keywords in the product title can be beneficial to stay high on rankings, since the searches depend on the keywords and the search engines list the products as per the keywords. You can take the help of various ebay keyword research tools that can provide you with information about the most popular keywords trending on the website.

You don’t want to practice “keyword stuffing”; Cassini being a very complex search engine will most certainly push down the ranking of your product if you were to indulge in keyword stuffing. The best thing you can do is think like a buyer and write your titles and descriptions keeping prospective buyers in mind.

Propose clear and longer return policies for your product

If you want eBay to reward your product and provide it with higher rankings, make sure you have a longer return policy. EBay, being very concerned about the customer experience, wants its sellers to offer the best refund and return policies to customers. Its search engine is designed to take up the rankings of the products having a clear refund policy and longer return policies.

Be careful with your promotions

Promoting your products and eBay listing on social media websites can be useful, but keep in mind products and listing with a lot of views with minimal sales can cause your rankings to plummet. Cassini is developed to keep away artificial traffic of the website, so make sure you get relevant traffic who actually want to buy your product.

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Customer feedback matters

Make sure your product is top-quality. If any of your customers is having trouble, resolve it as soon as possible. This generates good customer feedback for your product; the higher the count for good feedbacks, the higher the product will be placed on search listings.

EBay takes customer feedbacks seriously – negative feedbacks can sink the rankings of your product. Listed above are a few trusted ways to get better search rankings on eBay. Put them into practice, and you’ll see those rankings climb sooner than you think!