Step by step guide to attach a bed frame to headboard

Actually, the headboard is one of the pieces of furniture that specially made to avoid the people’s head from obtaining too icy during the chilly darks. It may appear a small odd from the today’s perspective, but the real fact is that the old homes are not as icy resilient as they are at this moment. Actually, the headboards always serve as a most important cold barrier between the top edge of a bed and the wall. In order to attach the bed frame to attach to headboard, initially, you have to collect some common tools such as wrenches, washers, bolts and screws. After, you have to attach the leds of headboards and stiffen them safely.

At last, you can bolt a headboard to the wall by simply using the wall mounts. Also, you might optimally drill a headboard directly into a bed frame. Some of the most common standard size headboards are including king, queen, full and twin sizes, which all could be mounted to the bed frames. Even some of the frames include headboards. If you purchase headboards individually, you have to verify the width to guarantee the mounting holes on both sides that are aligning to your frame for the safer fit. When it comes to installation, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Identify the holes on a back of your bed and arrange them properly with mounting holes in leds of a headboard. Even some frames have bolds that are screwed into holes; while others might have stickers on fabric cover to assist you spot a hole.
  • Put a headboard against bed in order to align with the holes on a bed frame.
  • Once you have properly aligned holes, you will require keep holding it straight for you, especially when you drive the bolts via mounting holes.
  • After that, slide a washer onto bolt and screw a nut onto it, until it is finger tight.
  • Finally, ensure that the headboard is centred.