Getting married in Italy

The Romantik Hotel Le Silve and the Armentum restaurant are widely known by both Italian and foreign couples alike as top-wedding destinations. Nestled in the incredibly romantic, luxuriant landscape of Armenzano di Assisi in Umbria, these venues offer the couple and their guests the best of the very best in terms of classic Italian regional and national cusine, attentive staff, and stunning decor.

The Churches

Assisi is one of Italy’s foremost spiritual centers, with many Churches the happy couples staying at the Romantik Hotel Le Silve can get married in, like the famous Basilica of St. Francis, St. Clare’s Church, St. Rufinus’s Cathedral and St. Mary of the Angel’s Basilica just to name a few. Other nearby options include the small Church of St. Mary of the Nativity in  Armenzano, built somewhere between the XII and XIII century for the Camaldonese monks of St. Sylvester, 1.5 Km away from the Le Silve.

Wedding planning

If you live abroad and need a local wedding planner to organize your fairy tale wedding celebration in Assisi, count on Le Silve’s  punctual, customized wedding planning service to make your dreams come true.
The Romantik Hotel Le Silve can arrange your reception or the entire wedding, down to the smallest detail. We’ll help you choose the Church, flower arrangements, professional photographer, bridal shop, make up artist, limo, musical entertainment, wedding favors, fireworks… you name it and we’ll not only  take care of it but supervise the entire process so you can truly enjoy your wedding day.   
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Wedding receptions

The Romantik Hotel Le Silve lies on a 230-hectare estate within the Mount  Subasio National Park, a few minutes away from the spiritual centre of Assisi . This idyllic setting makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor receptions, banquets and all other kinds of celebrations.  
Indoor parties for 60-70 guests can be held in one of the two stylish banquet rooms of the Armentum restaurant, located in a masterfully remodeled ancient building made entirely of local stone, quite close to the Hotel. Each "salle a manger" was designed to hold 60-70 guests and tastefully decorated in warm colors that perfectly compliment and showcase the natural beauty of the Park that surrounds the estate. Weather permitting, we can also arrange outdoor wedding banquets in the park adjacent to the restaurant, with stunning panoramic views bound to make any celebration truly unique.

A panoramic wedding

Those who love privacy, or plan a large-scale banquet can opt to hold their celebration in our new banquet hall, built on a natural terrace and  filled with panoramic windows that overlook the entire valley as well as our gorgeous infinity pool. The banquet hall can accommodate about 200 guests, and a gazebo can be added for larger parties.   This secluded location is absolutely perfect for pool-side celebrations and particularly romantic at night, when strategically placed torches combined with the existing lighting enhance its surreal beauty.  Visitors who plan to spend the day in the park should consider having lunch at the restaurant, and hence enjoy a great meal as well as access to the pool.
As a complimentary gift, the Hotel provides all newlyweds with a deluxe room where to spend their first night as man and wife.  All entrees in our classic Italian menu options were carefully selected to showcase our finest traditional products, and can be personalized and arranged  to suit your taste and wedding theme.

Getting married in Italy

Are you thinking about getting married in Umbria, perhaps in the holy city of Assisi?
Which city in the world but Assisi truly embodies the spirit of love, communion and fellowship? Saint Francis, Italy’s patron, shall bless your union and every day of your wedded life thereafter even if you are an atheist…besides, do you realize how gorgeous Umbria is?  What better place for a fairy-tale wedding?
Getting married in Assisi means joining the choir of creation itself, rediscovering the synergy between mankind and mother nature, live and find joy in every moment though "love that moves the sun and  other stars" as Dante put it.
If you’re thinking about getting married in the city of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, here are some thinks you should know about civil marriage ceremonies, religious wedding rites and all the information foreign citizens need to get married in Italy.

Civil marriage requirements for Italian citizens

The civil marriage procedure for Italian citizens is pretty straight-forward and only requires readily obtainable documentation.
Two months before the wedding, the future bride and groom must meet at the Vital Statistics Office of the County one of the two resides in and request the necessary documents.

They will be given two documents:

  • Certificate of Birth
  • Certificate of Civil Status (which includes their home address, civil status and citizenship)

If one of the two was divorced or widowed, they will need to present the related divorce decree or a certificate of death.   
Thereafter, the County Clerk will proceed to issue the necessary documentation and personally contact the future couple to set the date for their engagement oaths.  
Italian Law no longer requires engagement oaths to be witnessed by a parent or anyone else. After the engagement ceremony, marriage banns  listing the personal data relative to the couple as well as their place of marriage is posted on the font door of their respective  County Clerk’s Office for 8 days.  
Inserire foto della sala di assisi per il rito civile, è molto suggestiva, inoltre metterei il contatto della funzionaria dell’ufficio di assisi che gestisce la prenotazione. Ho il filmato degli sposi marco e betta.

Religious Marriage documents

Religious marriage procedures are a little more complicated, but not overly so. Besides the documents required for a civil ceremony you’ll need:

  • Certificate of Baptism  this can be readily obtained from the parish where you were baptized
  • Certificate of Christening: obtainable through the parish where you were Christened, and not required if your baptismal certificate also lists the date of your Christening
  • Certificate of single status this document is only required if one of the future spouses, after age 16, lived in a dioceses other their current one for at least one year.
  • Premarital Counseling Certificate:  the certificate issued by the parish upon completion of the couple’s premarital counseling course.

The future bride and groom will then bring these documents to the parish they intend to get married in. The priest in charge of the parish shall schedule a series of preparatory meetings and consent to the marriage thereafter.
Your Bishop’s written permission is required If you wish to get married in a Church other than your own.

Italian citizens residing abroad

If both future spouses reside abroad (and recorded in the " AIRE" – Registry of Italian citizens residing abroad) their local Italian Consulate shall prepare and post the marriage banns.  
If one of the two future spouses resides abroad (registered in the AIRE), and the other in Italy, either the Consulate or County Clerk’s Office may issue the marriage banns. It is nonetheless advisable to have the County Clerk of your chosen wedding location issue the banns.

Documents and procedures for foreign citizens who wish to get married in Italy

In order to get married in Italy, foreign citizens shall need to abide by a specific procedure that includes and expands the requirements set-forth for Italians.  First of all foreign citizens must prove they are free to marry (single, not closely related to their spouse or mentally impaired, and so on).  In lieu of a "nulla osta" US Citizens shall need to present a signed and authenticated Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry issued by a US Consulate in Italy to the local Prefect’s office together with the Notary Act (Atto Notorio) sworn in front of the Prefect. The time required to obtain these certificates can vary greatly in accordance with the bureaucracy  of the country issuing them. Everyone other than UK or Scandinavian citizens can in any case rely on the European Convention by which once a marriage has taken place, is automatically transcribed in the spouses’ respective Country of origin.  
Citizens of other Countries can request a multi-lingual certificate of marriage apt to be transcribed in a relatively short time.

The necessary documents are:

  • A birth certificate
  • A valid passport
  • A certificate of residency
  • A "Nulla Osta" issued by your Consulate (or Embassy). If your Country does not belong to the European Union,  the signed "nulla osta" must be authenticated by the Prefecture. Should the personal information on the" nulla osta" be incomplete, a multi-language birth certificate shall be required (or a birth certificate translated by a Consulate, Embassy or professional translator).
  • You will need two adult witnesses (at least 18 years old) with valid personal identification documents.
  • A document specifying the length of your authorized stay in Italy (pursuant to Italian Law 94/2009 "Dispositions on the matter of security")
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