3 Influential Hashtag Strategies to Boost Your Instagram Followers

3 Influential Hashtag Strategies to Boost Your Instagram Followers

Social media is a boon and wonderful platform for social marketers to enhance their brand and generate more leads for their business. It’s suggested that you choose one of the social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other, to revamp your business rather than focuses on all of them. Each social media platform has its own perks and different strategy to edge over your competitors.

Hashtags come in handy to increase your reach on social media platforms, especially, on Instagram. Finding the right set of hashtags will widen the reach of your images and videos to be discovered by more people. But, how to choose the right set of hashtags? Read more to find 3 strategies to choose the right set of hashtags for your Instagram account.

Here’s a list of strategies to improve the number of Instagram followers:

  1. Hyper-popular hashtags

You must look for the hashtags that most people search for, and use these hyper-popular hashtags to leverage your business growth. Hyper-popular hashtags are searched by a large chunk of people, which is equally good and bad.

3 Influential Hashtag Strategies to Boost Your Instagram Followers

Tons of people searching for the same keyword make it hard for your photo to get noticed. If you wish to use #love there are more than a billion posts which come with the same hashtag, the chances of your post to reflect for love are comparatively less. It would be ideal to use tools that give you a set of relevant hashtags than the hyper popular ones.

  1. Hashtags to get more follows and likes

It’s recommended that you find and use the most commonly used hashtags to get more like and follows. You might not be able to get followers from a particular genre rather you’ll get wider audience from different niches.

Some hashtags, such as #follow, #like4like, #instalike, and others, are geared in getting more likes and follows. These might not be much useful when you want followers who are less likely to be interested in your posts. Popular hashtags are great only to increase the number of followers and like, but not a great tool to get target followers.

  1. Relevant hashtags to get target followers

Getting more followers and likes from wider audience might not a good choice when you wish to target your post to a specified audience. A lot of tools, like Hashtagify, come in handy to find the top influencer in your particular niche. You can use these industry-related keywords to find more target followers rather than wide range of followers.

You might also make use of other tools, like Keyhole, to identify related topics on the popular hashtags. Most people tend to check off the Twitter icon rather than Instagram icon, make sure you check off the right icon and hit the search tab.

Most marketers will suggest you to incorporate aforementioned three strategies to make the most of hashtags to enhance your Instagram followers. You can create your unique Instagram hashtags strategies once you get a hang of it. However, it would be ideal to gain more like-minded followers when you use niche related hashtags in your Instagram posts.