4 Must-Have Knives That Completes Your Kitchen

A kitchen is incomplete without the proper set of knives, you might not get very far with your kitchen tasks without top-notch knives. Choosing the right model of knives will help you make your life hassle-free and ease your daily chores to a great extent.

Ever wondered how many different types of knives are available in the market? Chances are you might have few knives in your kitchen drawer. You might find a lot of knives in the online stores and offline stores, it will be ideal to feel the knives before you buy them. Most people will be confused to go for the right knives when there are a wide variety of knives to choose from.

Here’s a list of knives that you must have in your kitchen:

  1. Vegetable knives or more commonly paring knives

Paring knives come in handy for delicate jobs, like seeding chilies, corning fruits, and others, which require little knives to get the job done with ease. They are very useful when you cut something in your hand rather than on a board. You might not spend much on these knives which come into use day in and day out.

  1. The third hands for chef’s, cook’s knife

If you’re a professional chef, or good home cook, kitchen knife will help you like your third hand from fine cutting of vegetables to precise chopping of herbs. Most cook’s knives come in size ranges between 15cm to 36cm blades, you can choose the one which suits you best. It’s recommended that you choose the one which fits your hand just right and feels well balanced in your hands.

Vegetable knives

  1. Serrated knives to peel the tomatoes just right

The serrated knives or tomato knives are a wonderful tool to peel citrus fruits, like orange. You don’t have to worry about often sharpening the knives when they edge out, the serrated edges don’t loose its sharpness. The serrated edges grips as it slices, it works as a wonderful tool to slice tomatoes and general vegetable preparation.

  1. Bread knife

If you’re keen about cutting through sandwiches without affecting the crumbs, bread knife is what you must choose. It comes with serrated edges which are ideal for splitting cakes in half with ease. You can use as an alternative to carving knife to slice meat with its fine, sharp, serrated edges.

Choosing the right set of knives

You might have a collection of knives for over the years, only a few come to your use day in and day out for your daily kitchen tasks. Choosing the right set of knives make sure that you use them for years to come with little or no maintenance to retain its sharpness.

It’s suggested that you look into different criteria, like its handle, bolster, tang, and much more, before purchasing a knife. You must choose between forged knives and stamped knives before even looking its material and cost. It’s preferable to have the aforementioned knives to ease your daily kitchen tasks.