5 Things to Consider While Buying a Water Heater

Are you planning to buy a new water heater for your home? Don’t know where to start? Well, stop worrying. Buying a water heater isn’t rocket science. You need to understand a few aspects about water heaters before you pull yourselves to a showroom for buying one.

You might find many different brands and variations of water heaters nowadays. They all come with different features, but how do you know which one is best for you? Here are a few aspects you need to keep in mind, while buying a new water heater:


Water heaters relatively use a lot of energy for heating up, they account to about 1/4th of the total energy usage in your house. You might use if for showers, washing dishes, and even for laundry, and also depending on the number of times you bath and the number of persons who use it, it might require a lot of energy to run.

An average American uses about 80 – 100 gallons of water everyday. Taking that number into account, you can’t afford to spend so much money on your water heater. One good solution would be to buy an energy-efficient water heater, like the tankless one, that will use minimalistic energy for maximized efficiency.

The heaters lifespan

A water heater will generally last for 8 – 10 years, if maintained in a good working condition. If there’s any trouble with your water heater you must call for a maintainance immediately. While buying a water heater check for its lifespan, never go for cheaper ones that would cost a lot for maintainance. Sometimes that type of water, weather conditions, and many other factors also cause your water heater to stall. Do regular maintainance checks to increase its lifespan.

Safety of the device

There have been many cases of exploding water heaters and people getting third and second degree burns due to it. Boiling water around 140 Fahrenheit and more is extremely dangerous for human skin, it might burn your cells. Always try to use 100 -120 Fahrenheit of water for bathing and avoid getting burnt. Also make sure you do proper maintainance checks to avoid any damage from the heater.

Maintainance costs

Water heaters are always taken for granted, you simply fail to notice them until there’s some trouble for your supply of hot water. You need to regularly maintain your water heater to extend its lifetime and ensure that it’s safe to use. You should empty the water of your tank once in a while and call for maintainance every 6 months to 1 year. Inspect for leaks and malfunctions in any electrical parts, always make sure that the heater is in good working condition.

Tankless vs. traditional ones

Nowadays, more and more people are buying the tankless water heaters. It’s really a marvel because it saves a lot of your time and space. They also prove to be very efficient, consuming very less energy than the traditional water heaters. They are 20% more efficient than the normal heaters and you ultimately save a lot by installing one in your home.