Comparative  / Which True Wireless In-Ear Choose?

The test we perform in this area is very subjective: the editor remains no less human, with its morphology. However, unacceptable defects can appear, binding for all. Conversely, the multiplicity of tips, their shape, and their material will indicate a much greater likelihood of compatibility with your ear.


Attention,  best router under 100 the intra-auricular can be extremely insulating, thus cutting their user from almost all of his sound environment. This can be an advantage (in the subway or for professional musicians), but also a dangerous disadvantage; so measure according to the use you make of it, and remain alert in all circumstances. The advantage? We put less or less loud music – a habit of listening more respectful of our eardrums



Quality  best wireless earbuds under 50 The sound quality is of course taken into account, as in all our tests. In the particular case of the intra-auricular, the membranes, of a diameter considerably smaller than those of a helmet, are potentially much more reactive,


All the consequences of a wireless link are studied, from the latency induced to the completeness of the proposed commands, through the quality of the microphone for the hands-free kit, the autonomy, the stability of connection or even the various features offered by the dedicated application … when it exists!

A faithful reproduction and well helped by the active noise reduction

The sound offered by these headphones is very honest regardless of the type of music listened to, whether you’re a fan of heavy saturated electric guitars or a rap overloaded bass. The rendering is very correct, rather balanced and will suit all audiences, without distinctions.

Libra tone had the excellent initiative to offer support for aptX associated with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip that allows the dissemination of high-resolution files, for the pickiest music lovers.