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Orthodontist Broomfield Co

Dental implants serve as a complete tooth replacement. They are usually broken down into three components. The post, abutment, and restoration. The dental post looks so much like a screw. It is usually made of titanium and integrates into the jawbone. Like a tooth root. This process is also known as osseointegration. The abutment is the one attached to the post. The restoration or the crown is the one attached to the abutment.


There are several options to replace missing teeth. One of the available options is the placement of a fixed bridge. Most dentists agree that teeth preservation is important. Dentists often offer dental implants as a better, longer-lasting less invasive solution. Here are several reasons why you should consider dental implants.


Teeth will not shift


Having dental implants will stop your teeth from shifting into the empty space. The surrounding teeth will begin moving to fill in the space when you lose a tooth. This will cause dental complications. It is much more difficult to clean crowded teeth or those with uneven spacing. A dental implant will keep your teeth’s spacing even. It will also make cleaning easier.


Jawbone conservation


A fixed bridge will cause your jawbone to deteriorate underneath the missing tooth. This is because there is no adequate stimulation to the bone without a tooth root. Dentures with no implants as support also causes this. Decide to have a dental implant as soon as you need one. Your jawbone might lack the integrity to get implants in the future without a dental bone graft.


Appearance preservation


Your face will appear sunken when your jawbone deteriorates because of missing teeth. It will make you much older than you are. Most people with dentures often complain of having thin lips and sunken cheeks. The stimulation your body needs is usually provided by dental implant posts. It then produces dense, healthy jawbone material. It keeps your face looking full and youthful.


Implant-supported dentures


A lot of people complain about various complications due to their dentures. Poor fit, sores in the mouth, sunken lips, and food restrictions. There is a fixed, permanent solution with implant-supported dentures available. There are also different procedures available. There are some people who support a full arch of prosthetic teeth. Even with as few as four implants.


Implant dentistry has been around for decades. It is now aided by digital imaging equipment and 3D CAD/CAM software. As well as ceramic restoration milling machines and computer tomography. There are a lot of dentists with the latest implant dentistry technology. They can show you your treatment results even before the treatment starts. Discuss with your orthodontist broomfield co if you decide to have a dental implant. There are a lot of treatment options.