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Five ways to check if the photo booth rental company is good enough or not


Always remember that not every photo booth company is the same, they all have different types of booths, have different props used, and have different template designs used, and also, they have different photo booth attendants and pricing.

If you believe that the more expensive a photo booth asks you for its service, then you are totally wrong, do not just base your choice on the price they offer you, also going the cheapest risks you of getting poor service, you should always get what you paid for.

You may not have heard and witnessed some frustrating and disastrous stories about photo booths where pictures do not develop, blurry pictures, and very few props and this kind of scenarios happen more often than you think, so to help you out on this, listed below are some of the best tips you can get in choosing a good and reputable photo booth company for your next affair courtesy of Kande Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles.

Event photobooth

  1. Check what themes and props they have that you can choose from- Every photo booth company that is for rental have different packages which allow you to choose from their stock of backgrounds, props, and costumes, so if they are very willing to provide you a list of their themes and other stuff that they will use at the photo booth then consider hiring them.
  2. Check the camera’s location on the booth- Often overlooked, checking the height and the camera’s location on the booth during the event is very important because the placement of the camera varies widely and also you do not want the camera to be blurry and out of focus which will totally ruin its purpose of turning your event into a memorable one. Make sure that the attendants of the photo booth have knowledge and expertise in setting up the camera properly before the event starts and the guests arriving.
  3. Check the dimensions and the full set-up of the booth- Make sure that the booth itself does not consume a lot of space at the event venue, and also, make sure it is not too small that it can only fit a single person. A Photobooth in events usually fits five to eight persons in a single shot, also make sure that the attendants have their own trolley where they can unload and load their equipment and their props during the event.
  4. Check if the photo booth functions very well- There is one thing to find out if the photo booth rental company lived up to its reputation is to test it out yourself. Ask the attendants to take pictures of you with different backgrounds and props and check it out if it is out of focus or not.
  5. Check if how many events the photo booth rental have contracted- The more clients they had, the more reason they should be trusted. However, before you even decide to hire one, you have to make sure if their clients repeatedly hire them every time they have events.