History Meets Electrifying Dining Expedition Across the River

An authentic Italian passion ignites romance and relationships with memorable dining times across the Singapore River. One of Singapore’s celebrated boat quay restaurants encapsulates the atmosphere with true-blue Italian culture and epicurean Italian classics. Snacking on Italian food amidst the scenic environment of Boat Quay is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

authentic boat quay restaurants


Let your senses soar with high spirits as you take in exquisite Italian flavors prepared with choicest ingredients. The Italian culinary experience offers a hearty feast for the entire family, serving up fresh and perfectly seasoned spreads. The widespread menu includes scrumptious selections, carefully curated to create nostalgic moments. Try luscious pasta, handmade with superior ingredients and, impeccably seasoned for perfection. Choose from the widest range of pasta selections and create your own with 21 delicious sauces and exotic seasonings. Italian gastronomical experience in Singapore only gets bigger with signature pizzas dressed in classic toppings. You can add fresh seafood, blue cheese, and chicken cubes marinated in delectable sauces. Snacking on vegetarian food is exciting with traditional Italian vegetarian dishes blended with bold flavors and exotic ingredients. The exclusive menu comprises of vegetarian food including eggs & dairy products and, even without them. No Italian food is complete without wine. Discover an exuberant range of authentic red wines and white wines to make your dining expedition a celebration. Combine your lip-smacking Italian spreads with true-blue Italian Liquor to savor.


Every meal is a celebration at one of authentic boat quay restaurants in Singapore, providing a gorgeous backdrop of the Central Business District, the Singapore River, and the dazzling skyline.