Make Picture Perfect Moments Better

Photoshop and Lightroom (amongst others) are fantastic image editing packages but sometimes even very experienced photographers just want a quick and simple solution to add a little zing to a shot. Photolemur is a new photo editor, which is the child of photography and computer science and artificial intelligence. It is the first automatic photo enhancement solution

Ease of Use
In terms of using the software, Photolemur is super easy to use, and it shouldn’t take you long to explore the different options which are available.

Photolemur is an intelligent little tool that uses AI to edit and transform your images automatically for you. It can edit individual photos or do batch enhancements with ease. You don’t have to determine which photos need what fixes.

There’s no manual work involved except uploading and exporting the photos. Photolemur examines each individual photo and performs appropriate fixes for each one based on various factors. The app considers elements like:

  • Color Recovery: Ensures that the bright vivid colors you see in real life are maintained.
  • Sky enhancement: Boosts the blues of the skies to make it more natural and vivid.
  • Exposure compensation: Automatically detects inaccurate exposure settings and transforms darker images to brighter ones and vice versa.
  • Smart dehaze: Keeps off unrealistic and unnatural haze that sometimes plays spoilsport in your photos.
  • Natural light correction: Considers the time of day you are capturing an image and adjusts the warm and tool tones to keep the lighting as natural as possible.
  • Foliage enhancement: Singles out trees, leaves and plants and adjusts its colors and sharpness to retain its stunning natural beauty.
  • Noise reduction: Automatically finds and removes unwanted noise created by slow shutter speeds in low light situations.
  • Tint perfection: Examines the photos and applies a bluish tint for cooler images and a reddish tint for images shot in warmer climes.
  • Face retouching: Detects and removes imperfections and blemishes in faces to display healthy looking skin.
  • JPG fix: Corrects crispness and clarity lost during imperfect lossy compression and removes other noise in JPEG images.
  • RAW processing: Fixes RAW photos without the need for extra software.
    Horizon straightening: Analyzes your photos and adjusts for off-kilter horizons or backgrounds..

It’s clear that Photolemur is designed for the most casual of photographers; it is not intended to replace a hands-on editing workflow, although it can be used as plugin within Adobe Lightroom. Rather, it provides a simple way to enhance images before sharing them that goes beyond the “auto enhance” functions of other photo apps. You can even share straight to Facebook or Twitter from Photolemur’s Export menu.

Photolemur is not your usual photo editor. Nor is it a professional photo editing software for photographers. It is a wonderful tool for casual smartphone photographers who want to make their snaps look beautiful and professional. Its ideal for users who want to process dozens of photos quickly, easily, and automatically. And its also ideal for users who want professional-looking photos without splashing on expensive gear and investing in too much time or money.