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Preparing Your Children For Their First Dental Visit

Parents will always worry when its time to bring their kids to the dentist for the first time. We hear horror stories of nonstop crying and wailing in the waiting room, similar to their first visit to the doctor. Some parents feel that they need to keep this appointment a secret as long as possible and never take the risk of talking about it with their kids about the process and what to expect.

Younger children may have difficulty understanding it, but there are ways to prepare them for their first dental appointment. Here are some tips that can help:

The Right Time.

Parents would reason out that it’s not yet the right time for their child’s dental visit. But when it the right time? Parents commit the mistake of waiting until they’re older. As a rule of thumb, dentists recommend for children to have their first visit to the dentist as they turn one or better yet after their first tooth comes in. By doing so can help parents develop a good dental habit. This is also the time that dentists are able to identify mouth problems that can cause dental growth issues.

Preparing For First Visit.

When it comes to kids’ dental visit, consider a dentist that specializes in pediatric dental care. These dentists who have experience working with young children knows how to deal with kids. They know how to provide your child with a fun and comfortable experience and help create a positive relationship with the dentist.

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Explain What They Should Expect.

Kids are smarter than we thought they are. For their first appointments, this usually depends on the dentist. Some request parents to come to the exam room with their kids and sit with them throughout the process. While others would tell parents to wait in the waiting room. This way, the dentist can build a relationship with the child without a parent or guardian being present.

Dentists will usually use fun and oversized mouth models to teach kids why it is important to care for their mouth and teeth. The dentist will also show the tools to be used so that the child will be more comfortable with it. This makes the process less scary and intimidating.

Continue Dental Care At Home

Dental visits once or twice a year should not be enough. It is important that parents teach children good dental care habit. This way, future dental visits will also be easier. Parents should also try to stop thumb and pacifier sucking early to avoid tooth growth and formation problems. Sugary snacks should be limited to decrease risks of tooth decay. Make sure your child understands the importance of a healthy mouth. When this good dental hygiene is started early, they continue this habit later into adulthood.

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