Quality of Cannabis Seed: Things to Know Before Growing

Is the seeds dark or light in color? Are they hard under pressure or turn dust? These are a few ways to tell your cannabis seeds are worth growing and healthy.

The key for achieving vigorous and healthy cannabis plants is to start with the high-quality of seeds. Obviously, prime nutrients, enough watering and right light quality contribute to final yield obtained. Carefully sourcing best-quality seeds can ensure that you get exact genetics that you are searching for. Not just they will offer you with desired cannabinoid & terpene profiles, and helps you avoid the dud seeds.

There are many factors that you need to look for while buying seeds and some signs that signify seed is not worth the effort and time.

Feel and Appearance

One best way to gauge quality & traits of the seed is getting used to how it looks. There are a few details that are obvious, whereas others take a little time to identify fast. Healthier & genetically superior seeds can exhibit the darker colors on its outer shell. The shades of black and grey are the signs of good seed, at times displaying the tiger stripe aesthetic.

The healthy seeds can look like they have the coating of wax on the shell. This will be made obvious while exposing it to the bright light & witnessing the sheen effect.

The barker & good quality of seeds can feel firm to touch. You can place this seed between your fingers to give this one squeeze, and not high power to bend the metal, but sufficient to tests the resilience. Suppose the seed appears firm and doesn’t bend and break under applied pressure, it is worth planting.

Old or poor-quality of seeds can crack & crumble under pressure. Suppose they break in parts in slight pressure, they are unusable.