dinner theater Fort Myers

Restaurants with the Dinner Entertainment

With expansion and growth of the restaurants across country, there is the trend of restaurants that are coming up with some innovative ways of attracting their customers. It has lead a lot of restaurants to take in more features than only serving good meals. One way of attracting your customers is offering entertainment all along with best dining experience and one such place is dinner theater Fort Myers. Following are a few entertainment concepts that are implemented in the restaurants:

  • Live music is the most popular attraction at the restaurants. The types of music performances that include single instrument performer like guitar soloist, violinists, saxophone players, harpist, and more. The restaurants will have the musical groups like country bands, jazz bands, and more. There are the restaurants that make use of live music for enhancing theme of the restaurant. One example will be making use of the mariachi bands for Mexican restaurant. There’re a lot of musical styles that will suit everybody’s tastes. People will dine; relax, as well as enjoy some fantastic music.
  • Dinner Theaters are the popular concept. Restaurant includes meal with musical theater show. Also, there are some particular themes like medieval times, pop music genre and more. It will be very interactive with performers that include diners in a show. Most of them are the musicals mixed with a touch of comedy.

dinner theater Fort Myers

  • There’re restaurant or entertainment activity restaurants. Example, there are the restaurants made for the kids that have many entertainment activities like carnival kind games, slides, video games, indoor miniature golf, jungle gyms, and more.
  • There’re restaurants that will specialize in the murder mystery entertainment. All along with the dinner, guests will become the part of murder mystery and where they need to solve on clues to identify murderer. There are some restaurants that provide murder mystery packages that you can look at.


There are some restaurants that also host some kind of magic shows for the guests. The magician and group of magicians can perform some magic tricks when guests are dinning. There are single entertainers that will perform at the restaurant. Kinds of entertainers will include balloon twisters, comedians, and more. There are the adult orientated restaurants that offer the adult orientated games only for the groups like team building functions for the work related groups, solving adult games like races, puzzles, themed parties, corporate leadership games, billiards, scavenger hunts, bowling, shuffleboard, and more.