Setting up Your Own Backyard Playground

Setting up Your Own Backyard Playground

When the school breaks during the summer, the kids will be very much excited to get out of the house and start playing. Vacation might be a great fun time for kids, but at the same time it might bring in worries to the parents. If you have a good spacious backyard, build a small playground for them and keep them occupied during the summer. You can also let them invite their friends over and have a look at the lot from time to time. Here’s a simple guide to setting up your own backyard playground.

Clear the site – The spot that you choose for setting up a backyard must be cleared before you start working on it. Clean the vegetation, remove any sharp objects or junks in the area, and sweep the entire area clean. If you wish to make a playground with beach soil, then bring in a load of soil and spread it across your backyard. You can also plan in advance and grow a thick tuft of grass for the playground.


Buy the required equipment – You need to design the playground and buy equipment accordingly. You can buy some simple slides, seesaws, swings, and more that can be easily fitted in your backyard.  Also decide if you’re going to buy any shelter for their playground. If the area is surrounded by lush vegetation and trees, then it would be naturally shaded and you wouldn’t have to invest on buying shades. While buying the equipment test their durability, soundness of the material, and only buy if you’re sure about its safety. Fix them carefully in your backyard by following the given instructions, or hire a trained workman to fix the equipment in your backyard.

Add some natural features – An in-house backyard playground doesn’t always have to include the same set of swings, slides, and other climbing structures. Add some natural structures to your playground. Add some sand, some safe vegetation, climbing rocks, and more features to your backyard playground. You can also build a small pond and encourage the kids to play with the beach sand around the pond.

Surprise them with the unexpected – Use your imagination and build some creative, unexpected structures in the playground. By adding the unexpected to the play area, you create something new and the kids will enjoy that. You can add a hammock between two trees or build a small resting area where the children can even arrange their own picnic. Fix a dustbin and encourage them to throw the trash in it. You can also bring a small refrigerator and load it with water bottles and energy drinks to make an exciting play area.

Supervise their plays – kids need supervision when they play. They might get into trouble once in a while and might end up hurting. Give them specific instructions and guidelines before letting them play in your backyard. Once in a while check on them and make sure that they are abiding by the safety rules and are safe. On the whole, build your own backyard playground and turn their boring vacation into an exciting one.