What is gdax?

The GDAX stands for Global Digital Asset Exchange. GDAX is basically a crypto currency exchange that permits individuals to purchase, sell and also trade a vast array of digital coins. Usually, the GDAX can make their money by charging transaction fees. This platform also enables you to trade them in real time by using a wide range of unique trading tools. This GDAX is always observing to target the well experienced trader, so it is probable to utilize the real world payment procedures such as a bank account to deposit and withdraw funds. If you already have a coin base account, you have a FDAX account as well. The only thing you want to do is entering the similar login details that you use at coin base.

Fees and payment methods of gdax



As like coin base, now GDAX has one of the biggest trading volumes in a crypto currency industry. The exchange averages of gdax fees are around $100 million in day to day trades. The team of GDAX has recognized as a necessity of enabling individuals to deposit and withdraw by using the real world money. This means that you can simply use your bank to deposit your account. Also, it is possible to make the fund transfers from your coin base balance to your GDAX account with free of charge, which only takes around a few seconds. If you are searching to deposit by using a credit or debit card, the GDAX does not even support this, so you can perform this in the coin base platform.